The New Zwave JS to MQTT Interface - Full Install

The New Zwave JS to MQTT Interface - Full Install

Since my older video on zwaveJS2mqtt, a lot has changed in the UI so it is time for a video refresh.

Latest Version of zwavejs2mqtt Interface

I'm going to cover installing the Home Assistant zwavejs2mqtt add-on and the Home Assistant integration that allows you to use the add-on. The integration bridges the gap between the add-on and Home Assistant so that all of your z-wave entities are available for use in Home Assistant.

I will add a Zooz ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay with the QR code and "smart start" as well as a ZEN15 Switch using regular z-wave inclusion.

If you don't have the Home Assistant Community Add-ons in your setup, you'll need to add the repository. The video explains how and this is the link you need:

Updated Link for the add-ons repository: Thanks @RogerMCT for the heads up in Discord. The first link takes you to a listing of all the addons in the community store so if you want to browse it, you can still use that link.

You need to have this repository in order to add zwavejs2mqtt

I also briefly touch on the Z-Wave JS certification path and how the founder of Z-Wave JS, Dominic Griesel, has now joined Nabu Casa (Home Assistant core developers) to work full-time on open source.

Be sure to watch the video below for all the details!