Make your Dumb Switch Smart

Make your Dumb Switch Smart

I have quite a few smart switches scattered around the house. BUT! I also have a number of dumb switches for various reasons. I've heard of people putting relays in the switch boxes to make them smart and I always thought doing that would take away the ability to control the light or device with the switch. That's a deal-breaker in my household.

One of my "dumb" paddle switches that controls a light.

I figured it was time to try out one of the Zooz ZEN51 relays and see how well it would turn this paddle switch into something of a smart control for my lights.

Zooz ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay

The picture above is not to scale. It is actually a small relay that fits well inside a US-style single gang box along with the light switch and all the excess wiring that you would find inside that box.

Relay wired up and ready to be included in the Z-Wave network

This relay does exactly as advertised and so far has been working well. Take a look at the video for more details.