Home Assistant 2022.5

Home Assistant 2022.5

Home Assistant has released their monthly major update for May. The biggest change is in the settings (previously configuration) menus. This is a complete revamp of the original menu system.

In addition, there are a lot of automation and script changes. Most notably, these are now available:

  • If-Then
  • Calendar Trigger
  • For Each
  • Disable Any Trigger, Condition, or Action
  • Continue on Error
  • Stopping a Script or Automation
  • Parallelizing Actions
  • Using a Single State Trigger for Multiple Entities
  • Trigger on NOT matching to/from states
  • Shorthand notation for logical conditions

You can also now freely define the number of segments and their colors on the gauge card.

Take a look at my video update for more of the cool new features and updates. As always, make sure you check those BREAKING CHANGES before updating!!