Home Assistant 2022.12 Update

Home Assistant 2022.12 Update

Just like clockwork, Home Assistant has done their monthly release for December 2022. As with many of their releases, this one has many new features, a couple of which I'm extra excited about.

Matter Logo

Home Assistant has finally released their first Alpha, or as they call it, the "developer preview" version of the Matter integration. There has been a lot of chatter in the industry over the past year on Matter and how all devices will integrate and talk to each other. This is supposed to remove the barriers to making our home truly interoperable and smart. There is currently a lack of matter devices on the market, but that isn't stopping Home Assistant from getting ready.

You'll need a matter/thread-capable radio in your device in order to utilize this new integration. The Home Assistant Yellow has a built-in radio for this and you can get the Home Assistant SkyConnect, which has Zigbee and thread capability.

Tile Cards and History Colors

Image of Tile Cards showing lights, vacuums, and curtain features

Tile cards are not new in this release. What is new are the features being added to them. The features available this release (as of this writing):

  • Vacuum cleaner commands
  • Slider controls for lights
  • Tilting cover controls (shades, garage, etc)
  • Colors depicting the state of the entity on the card

In addition to the colors on the tile cards, the logbook and history have also been updated to reflect the same color schemes used for the entity states in the tile cards. The yellow below reflects the "on" state of the lamp, which is the same yellow that appears on the tile card when the lamp is on.

History and logbook entries for the cw lamp showing the new UI colors for state

Local Calendar

View of the local calendar

Home Assistant now has a fully featured, built-in, calendar. Not only can you have a local calendar, but you can also have more than one! Build one for yourself, your cat, your dog, and even your pet squirrel if you have one. These calendars can do recurring events, just like most other calendars.

Add calendar event. Even a recurring one!

New Sum Entities Helper

You know how you have to build templates and mess with yaml in order to sum up different entities? Well not anymore. There is now a new helper called "Combine the state of several sensors". With this, you can sum the value of two or entities into a whole new entity. It's super simple to do now!

Helper showing combining of several sensors

My favorite features of this release are the local calendar and the matter integration. I've been looking for a way to automate things on a schedule and the calendar is a perfect way to do this. I am also looking forward to more devices playing nicely together and the matter standard (if it works as advertised) is the best I've seen in a long time toward this goal.

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