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Migrating IP Addresses in Plesk

There are times when you may need to migrate many IP addresses in Plesk. You could either do this by hand, one domain at a time or you can modify the database by hand which will save countless years of your life.

I will assume you have logged into mysql and have selected the psa database. After logging in, get a listing of IP addresses. Make sure that you have read the new IP addresses into Plesk by first logging into the control panel and performing a “Reread IP”.

mysql> SELECT * FROM IP_Addresses;

You will see a list of id numbers in the first column followed by the addresses in the second column. Perform the modification of the component_id table.

mysql> UPDATE Repository SET component_id = WHERE component_id = ;

Then update the hosting table.

mysql> UPDATE hosting SET ip_address_id = WHERE ip_address_id = ;

Finally, update the forwarding table if necessary.

mysql> UPDATE forwarding SET ip_address_id = WHERE ip_address_id = ;

Once this is done, check the IP section in Plesk and everything should be moved.