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Shameless Plug: Checkpoint RMS

Some of you may be aware that along with my tech job I am also a deputy sheriff. A couple of years ago we were looking at replacing our records management system because it had some serious flaws. Among them was that it could not work between our two offices because it had no client/server architecture. It also had a data integrity problem in which one deputy’s report could be overwritten by another person using the system.

Looking around, we found that we were not able to purchase the multi-thousand dollar packages that were out there. Being a small county, we didn’t have the budget for that. Since I had previous experience putting together an application that the service provider I worked for used for day-to-day operations I thought could put something together.

What came of that is now a fully featured records management system that also includes activity logs and callsheets for dispatch to use. I won’t go into all the details but I wanted to post a couple of screenshots.

If you would like an inexpensive but fully functional records management system, I will be glad to talk to you with more details. This package is written by an active law enforcement officer and is setup to be simple to use and include things that are needed without all the extras that aren’t needed. [gallery]